The 2023 Citywide Garden Tour is here! Be sure to download the complete calendar by clicking Newark’s Harvest: A Citywide Garden Tour.

Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc. serves as Facilitator and Coordinator of the Newark Community Food System (NCFS), a new non-partisan collective of deeply engaged community leaders, in partnership with Whole Cities Foundation (WCF), a nonprofit established by Whole Foods Market.

The Newark Community Food System (NCFS) is an innovative collective of local urban agriculture experts, who supports the growth of the local food system, amplify community-led initiatives, and develop sustainability around urban agriculture and fresh healthy food access. NCFS takes actionable steps to empower residents to become actively involved in reshaping their food system, while gaining control of their health and environment.

A Whole Cities Foundation Blog Post

“At Whole Cities Foundation, we strive to focus our work on meeting the needs and reflecting the desires of the community. It is both a founding principle and daily driver. We are not alone in this belief.

“Tapping into the groundswell of leadership and momentum in urban agriculture in a city with a history of activism, the Newark Community Food System (NCFS) was founded in 2018 by Tobias Fox and other highly engaged community leaders with the support of the nonprofit Newark Science and Sustainability Inc. (Newark SAS) and Whole Cities Foundation.

“As it grows a sustainable community in Newark, NCFS has adopted a two-pronged approach: collaboration and agriculture education.” Click HERE to read the full article.

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Land Tenure & Policy Working Group & Signature Events Working Group 

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