About Newark SAS

We strive to empower communities through our advocacy of healthy food access and localized energy production, with programs centered on the cultivation of organic produce and the use of clean energy. We host an array of outdoor/indoor learning experiences that allow participants to put theory into practice as well as connect more with nature. It this through our five pillars that we are able to provide an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

  • Urban Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Ecological Building
  • Wellness & Nutrition Education
  • Eco-Art

Guiding Principles

  • To be of service to the planet and the human race;
  • To appreciate what each person has to offer and ensure that every individual is given an unlimited opportunity to discover and nurture his/her own purpose through support and encouragement;   
  • To encourage collaboration and social entrepreneurship as a means to create tangible and sustainable solutions for social issues;
  • To be nonpartisan—free from party affiliation or bias;
  • To be respectful of all belief systems and promote cultural diversity;
  • To nurture the growth of organic, sustainable urban farms, using organic or heirloom seeds, which comply with the organic material review institute (OMRI) recommended list of fertilizers and the use of integrated pest management (IPM);
  • To always be concerned with the health and integrity of our families, communities, and environment; 
  • To demonstrate how technology, humans and nature can coexist harmoniously.