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The purpose of the Newark SAS Agricultural Hub & Training Center Capital Campaign is to create a center in Newark’s West Ward (Fairmount Neighborhood) that would support the growth and sustainability of the local food system, amplify community-led initiatives surrounding nutrition and wellness, and offer agricultural and clean energy education and training programs, creating a pathway to green jobs and  ecopreneurship opportunities.

Our facility is being built to be a one-stop-shop for residents to live healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly lives. Our facility will feature:

  • A hydroponic greenhouse, growing plants in nutrient solutions, for year-round food production.
  • A farm stand available to the public two days a week.
  • A commercial kitchen to enhance healthy cooking.
  • Agricultural education workshops and classes open to the public.
  • A storage shed and a walk-in refrigeration unit with ample space for storage and preservation of produce. 
  • Clean energy demonstrations, workshops, and training programs open to the public.


Construction Progress 70%

The story of the Garden of Hope begins in 2015, when Newark SAS saw a need for change.

Everyday throughout the week hundreds of people see this on their morning commute to and from work. Some, on their walk to the neighborhood businesses, or even to attend their pre-school located adjacent to it. Did they even notice? Did it affect them in any way? What do they see? What do you see?

What did we see?

We saw HOPE! At first sight this lot appeared to be just another abandoned lot. The trash was everywhere. The mural was crying out for restoration. This was in the eyes of many just another non-factor in the world of “I have more important things to worry about” but at a closer look at the neighborhood it was the perfect place for “The Garden of HOPE.” 

But Why…?

Here was one of the most important reason why … 

The pre-school children deserve to see beauty and hope on their way to school no matter the circumstance. Another reason is for the people who just need to see signs of restoration through the blooming flowers and the smile of a friendly face. Or even the power in bringing a community together in the cultivation of something great. And so it begins…!

This is a call to action written by Dr. Jacqueleen Bido, CSO of Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc. in 2015.

Help us establish Newark’s first community year-round, sustainable urban farm. 

As a grassroots organization, we rely heavily on support like yours. Because of you, we’re able to demonstrate the need and importance of our work and ensure that more residents have access to fresh, locally grown produce. Click the link to download the Capital Campaign Sponsorship Form to make your pledge today.

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