Are you looking for an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world? We host an array of outdoor/indoor learning experiences that allow college students and postgraduates to put theory into practice and connect more with nature. We strive to empower communities through our advocacy of healthy food access and localized energy production, with programs centered on the cultivation of organic produce and the use of clean energy. To apply for an internship with Newark SAS, review details below and submit your application.

Learning Goals

  • Develop your leadership abilities by working alongside our management staff.
  • Develop community organizing skills through the planning and organizing of community events.
  • Increase your environmental stewardship through our healthy food access and urban agriculture initiatives.
  • Enhance your professional communication and critical thinking by building collaborative partnerships with a wide range of community stakeholders.
  • Learn and increase your knowledge and hands-on experience with visual storytelling and become more efficient storytellers through your engagement with the community we serve and addressing their needs.

Internship Positions

High Priority

During our peak season, June through October, we also host programs on Saturdays, 10am—2pm.

Submission Requirements

To inquire about volunteering or interning with us please email Be sure to include the following: 

  • cover letter that describes why you believe creating healthier and more sustainable eco-friendly communities is important and specify your area(s) of interest and reason for joining our organization. 
  • A resume  
  • Two letters of recommendations   
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