Newark SAS Recognizes Local Agents for Change

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to S. Aisha Steplight Johnson, Ph.D., Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer at Essex County College (ECC). In addition to being affiliated with other professional and community service organizations, she is also a founding Board member of Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc. (Newark SAS). Utilizing the approach of social entrepreneurship, Newark SAS empowers communities to become self-sustaining by developing pathways for green jobs grounded in self-sufficiency.

Since 2013, Dr. Steplight Johnson has been instrumental with helping Newark SAS accomplish its mission by bringing individuals together in small and large groups for various programs and events related to environmental and socioeconomic issues. Her efforts of introducing Newark SAS to ECC administrators and professors have allowed us to strengthen our capacity to collaborate with residents, institutions, organizations and businesses. This has been demonstrated through our annual Sustainable Living Empowerment Conference hosted at Essex County College. The purpose of the conference is to inspire and empower attendees, so they become active participants toward the goal of building healthy, sustainable communities.

I have witnessed Dr. Steplight Johnson’s passion of being a connector of resources and local professionals, serving as an effective administrator who initiates projects/programs through innovative partnerships that benefit the community as a whole, especially college students to ensure their academic and career success.

With a proven track record of administering academic units and programs at colleges and universities, Dr. Steplight Johnson has been a tremendous asset with bringing stakeholders together and helping us achieve our goals of creating better health and wellness, for ourselves, our communities and our environment. 

Tobias A. Fox
Founder-Managing Director
Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc. 

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