Garden of Hope

When How You See It Matters!
Gardens: Real Symbols of HOPE

12094983_10206674500874047_840187715177829356_oEveryday throughout the week hundreds of people see this on their morning commute to and from work. Some, on their walk to the neighborhood businesses, or even to attend their pre-school located adjacent to it. Did they even notice? Did it affect them in any way? What do they see? What do you see?



What did we see?
We saw HOPE! At first sight this lot appeared to be just another abandoned lot. The trash was everywhere. The mural was crying out for restoration. This was in the eyes of many just another non-factor in the world of “I have more important things to worry about” but at a closer look at the neighborhood it was the perfect place for “The Garden of HOPE.”  


But Why…?
 Here was one of the most important reason why…

The pre-school children deserve to see beauty and hope on their way to school no matter the circumstance. Another reason is for the people who just need to see signs of restoration through the blooming flowers and the smile of a friendly face. Or even the power in bringing a community together in the cultivation of something great.  And so it begins…!

What is “Garden of Hope?”

The Garden of Hope willgardenofhopelayout be an herb and flower garden that not only stimulates the senses but is aesthetically beautiful. It is located at 3-5 Fairmount Ave. Newark, NJ. We want to bring together the elements of gardening, the Arts, and inspirational quotes in order to invigorate people’s senses during the day-to-day hustle and bustles. It will be a meeting place for the pre-school junior gardeners to learn the power of gardening. It will be a place to ponder their thoughts amongst the beauty of the garden. This garden will turn strangers into friends and abandonment into sustainability. It is our belief that gardens, in and of themselves, are the real life symbols of “HOPE.”




Bringing the Vision to Life?

Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc. 501c 3 is a community-driven organization that implements various initiatives to increase awareness of environmental issues through educational programs and hands-on training. We strive to assist with the creation of self-sustaining communities by developing pathways for green jobs that contribute to self-sufficiency and community empowerment. We are achieving this by partnering with residents, local organizations, and the local business community.

We are happy to announce that we are the recipients of the FISKARSFISKARS Project Orange Thumb grant 2015. One of only two winners of the grant in the state of New Jersey and the only organization in Essex County. As a leader in the lawn and garden industry, Fiskars believes in contributing to community gardening and the healthy, sustainable living it provides. Through Project Orange Thumb®, Fiskars awards cash and garden tools to help support community garden goals across North America.

 Winning this grant has given us the initial resources needed to begin this amazing endeavor.

10354759_1607025692893002_7304684805384460511_nHere we see volunteers utilizing the tools sent to us by FISKARS. They have begun laying the mulch for the garden and there is still so much more to do. We need your help and your resources to continue to bring this garden to life.

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We welcome you to visit us at 3-7 Fairmount Ave (corner of Central Ave), Newark, NJ.

For more information contact 

Newark SAS CEO Founder: Tobias Fox

Garden of Hope Project Director: Jacqueleen Bido