Sustainable Living Conference

SustainableLivingConference20175th Annual Sustainable Living Empowerment Conference
“Communities Connecting through Sustainability”

The purpose of this conference is to inspire and empower attendees, so they become active participants toward the goal of building healthy, sustainable communities. The speakers will use their own experiences and values to convey how they have been driven by their passions to various achievements. From urban farming to spiritual wellness to solar technology and climate change, the speakers will share information and experiences that assist with the creation of sustainable communities.

Here’s how you can help!

  • Join our panel.
  • Facilitate a roundtable discussion.
  • Become a sponsor or volunteer.
To express our appreciation, we would like to feature your brand through our direct media outlets, making it convenient to share with our followers the support you have given in helping to aid in self-sustainability and community empowerment. Your organization’s name or logo would be displayed on the following:
  • Website page and blog at
  • Newark SAS digital newsletter.
  • Acknowledgement on Newark SAS’s social media channels and press release.

We greatly appreciate your support.
Onward and upward…..
Tobias A. Fox
Founder-Managing Director
Cell: 646.399.0337

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