Wellness & Nutrition

Our Wellness & Nutrition initiative involves nutritional education and events, in which participants engage with nutritional food and information.  This includes learning how to properly read labels and better understand food science so participants are equipped with the necessary tools to make healthier food choices and prepare nutritional meals, including plant-based cuisine. 

Our Pedal Bike Powered Smoothie Bar is a pop-up smoothie bar in which participants pedal a bike that generates electricity. This energy is stored into battery packs, which allows us to plug into blenders and create smoothies. By doing this, participants receive wellness from pedaling the bike, engage in the use of renewable energy, and nutritional education by blending and drinking healthy smoothies. We have presented our Pedal Bike Powered Smoothie Bar at various community events and festivals, schools, and our community gardens.

Healing Properties of Herbs Initiative
Herbs are plants or parts of plants, which are used for their therapeutic and health enhancing properties. In this workshop we will review common herbs that are grown indoors, outdoors or can be found in almost everyone’s kitchen and learn about their effect on the body and how to use them. The workshop includes a hands-on, do it yourself component, in which participants will create and take home an herbal remedy for their own use. 

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