Eco Art

Eco-Art is the use of natural and recycled materials to create, enhance, and interact with the environment. Participants are introduced to eco-art as a means for self-expression, beautification, and personal engagement and connection with the natural world. This is achieved by combining an array of artistic mediums such as visual arts, film, literature, music and sound, drama, and photography, with the therapeutic and social perspective that we are all creative beings, capable of impacting our environment. 

Art Grows in Newark
The Art Grows in Newark program intends to expose youth, college students, and residents of all ages to many artistic methods through sound programming that welcomes the talents of budding and local artists. Our activities are aligned with making residents environmentally conscious through creative methods that are coupled with environmentally sound practices. Art Grows in Newark will integrate visual arts and art therapy with urban agricultural practices in order to foster environmental stewardship, strong community engagement, and a culture of hope and social change.