Floral Nocturnal by Maggie Brown

Floral Nocturnal @ Maggie's Studio

Join visual artist Maggie Brown for her limited visual display titled Floral Nocturnal, an awesome ensemble of photos that can be seen 4 days on May 7/8 & 29/30, 2016 at her studio located at 195 West Kinney Street, #206, Newark, New Jersey 07103.

DSC_0369Maggie Brown is an arts educator and New Jersey artist who exhibit in museums, educational institutions, and art spaces statewide. New Jersey has consistently awarded her work, including honors from the 30th Annual Festival of Art, the Sixth Annual Arts Exhibition of “MASTERPIECES,” Matsushita Electric Corporation of America’s First Annual Art Exhibition Black History Month, Elizabeth Library, and Essex County’s Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs. Her sculpture assemblages and masks incorporate cardboard, wood, fiber, Styrofoam, recycled/discarded goods, and other materials. As a photographer, she has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Europe, and South America. “Ultimately, my goal in the community is to change the environment by helping to develop and create intellectual and environmental citizenship of our children. The recycled materials that I use literally change the environment and hopefully my art changes people’s perception of what constitutes art.”

For more info contact Maggie Brown @ missbrowntoyou@gmail.com or 973.375.7163.

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