“Think global, act local….that’s GLOCAL!” ~Tobias A. Fox

Mission Statement

Utilizing the approach of social entrepreneurship, Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc. (Newark SAS) is a community-driven, 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Newark, NJ that implements various initiatives to increase awareness of environmental, ecological and wellness issues through educational programs and hands-on activities. Newark SAS assists with the creation of self-sustaining and environmentally friendly communities by developing pathways for green jobs, increased self-sufficiency, and broader community empowerment. We achieve this through collaborations and partnerships with residents, community-based organizations and other key stakeholders, including local businesses. Your continued support helps our local actions address global challenges.

Farm to Table Co-op – Food Access

$20 helps a family of 2-4 eat fresh, locally grown produce for a week
$50 helps a family of 2-4 eat fresh, locally grown produce for two weeks
$100 helps grow our Farm to Table Co-op to ensure more residents have access to fresh, locally grown produce.  

“Brilliant idea- and excellent implementation strategies. Keep up this much needed greening of Newark!” —Angela Carter Brown

“This gentleman is working for a noble cause. I support his cause.” —Loren Robinson

“Great things are happening with Newark SAS! There’s always something to learn and plants to nurture.” —Copperwudi Nelson

Newark's Harvest: A Citywide Garden Tour
September 8 - 14, 2019

This week long, historical garden tour and present-day harvest will provide an opportunity for residents and visitors to become informed about the various agricultural spaces that exist in Newark, NJ.

This event will serve as a means to encourage healthy eating, healthy living practices, and environmental education. Through a series of workshops and by reaping the benefits from the harvests of each of the participating spaces, residents will walk away with healthy, locally grown produce and a broader awareness of environmental stewardship. Click here to download the calendar of this week-long garden tour

Newark Community Food System

The Newark Community Food System (NCFS) collective supports and develops sustainability efforts in urban agriculture, as well as, wellness and nutrition programs.



Our programs allow individuals to become more informed about their environment and gain a holistic understanding of themselves and the world they inhabit.

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