Since 2011, Newark SAS founder Tobias A. Fox has been bringing individuals together in small and large groups for various programs and events related to environmental and socioeconomic issues. This has been demonstrated through the annual Sustainable Living Empowerment Conference, established in 2013. The absence of a budget created the greatest challenge in planning this event. Fox’s inner-drive propelled him through this process, along with his proven leadership abilities and collaborative approach. This resulted in meaningful cooperation from a wide range of institutions, businesses and local professionals to make in-kind contributions to ensure a successful event for the nearly 300 people that usually attends. Fox’s discipline as a self-manager and proven abilities in program coordination and implementation has been essential in making this yearly event a success.

Link to view 2016 conference report back.

Newark SAS has been able to achieve significant outcomes, in spite of limited capacity and resources. We maximize our efforts by working in concert with others. These partnerships sometimes evolve into coalitions: