Urban Agriculture

Participants learn the art of gardening and farming in urban environments. Our focus areas include plant management, produce distribution, and increasing residents’ access to healthy food. Our ultimate goal is to empower residents to become actively involved in reshaping their environment, while gaining control of their health and growing our local food system.

Newark SAS has successfully transformed two vacant lots into community gardens, The People's Garden and The Garden of Hope. You can visit them and become involved at:

The People’s Garden,  86 ½ Garside Street, Newark, NJ 07104

Garden of Hope,  3-7 Fairmount Ave (corner of Central Ave), Newark, NJ 07103


The Garden of Hope is an herb and flower garden that not only stimulates the senses but is aesthetically beautiful. It is located at 3-7 Fairmount Ave. Newark, NJ. We bring together the elements of gardening, the arts, and inspirational quotes in order to invigorate people’s senses during the day-to-day hustle and bustles. It serves as a meeting place for students to learn the power of gardening. It's also a place for residents to ponder their thoughts among the beauty of the garden. This garden has turned strangers into friends and abandonment into sustainability. It is our belief that gardens, in and of themselves, are the real life symbols of “HOPE.”


Organic Farmer Jon Knox from Dogwood Farms delivered and donated over 200 organic tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings to the People's Garden, which was distributed among urban farmers and growers in Newark.