Ecological Building

Incorporating the use of clean renewable energy with the building skills and experience of members from the community, participants become Ecological Builders by creating structures with straw, earth and other local, affordable and recycled materials, such as a rain water catchment system, plastic bottle greenhouse, raised beds for produce cultivation, benches, sitting tables, compost bins, a tool shed with a rain gutter, and other renewable energy structures. Participants are introduced to the techniques of Michael Reynolds’ Eartherships, Builders Without Borders, and Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project.


Newark SAS: Ecological Building (DIY Wind Turbine)

Newark SAS with Builder Fatah "Frank" Ibrahim presents Ecological Building (wind technology) at The People's Garden located at 483 Washington Street, Newark, NJ. At this garden site we incorporate the use of clean renewable energy such as pedal bikes, solar and wind.