Eco Art

Eco-Art is the use of natural and recycled materials to create, enhance, and interact with the environment. Participants are introduced to eco-art as a means for self-expression, beautification, and personal engagement and connection with the natural world. This is achieved by combining an array of artistic mediums such as visual arts, film, literature, music and sound, drama, and photography, with the therapeutic and social perspective that we are all creative beings, capable of impacting our environment.


Maggie Brown is an arts educator and New Jersey based artist who exhibit in museums, educational institutions and art spaces statewide. New Jersey has consistently awarded her work, including honors from the 30th Annual Festival of Art and Essex County's Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs. Her sculpture assemblages and masks incorporate cardboard, wood, fiber, Styrofoam, recycled/discarded goods and other materials. As a photographer, she has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Europe, and South America. "Ultimately, my goal in the community is to change the environment by helping to develop and create intellectual and environmental citizenship of our children. The recycled materials that I use literally change the environment and hopefully my art changes people's perception of what constitutes art."

Maggie Brown has taught various eco-art workshops and has actively exhibited and presented her work in collaboration with Newark SAS.