The Team

Tobias A. Fox, Managing Director, began writing at eighteen, creating poetry, then short stories and screenplays that were both expressive and therapeutic, as a means to deal with the violence and poverty in his upbringing and a positive alternative to the urban blight of drug culture and limited outlooks. Aside from being a writer and having ten years of independent publishing experience, Fox is a Professional Organizer, Master Gardener, Photographer and Coordinator of an annual Sustainable Living Empowerment Conference. He conducts various community events, presentations and workshops on sustainable living practices and has assisted numerous urban farmers and gardeners with the cultivation of their agricultural space.

Fox prides himself on his community engagement skills and ability to build local movements. Since 2011, he has brought individuals together in small and large groups for various programs and events related to environmental and socioeconomic issues, and utilization of best practices. He has been able to achieve these outcomes by capitalizing on his knowledge of documentary-style filmmaking and social media to share residents’ stories. In 2012, he was awarded an Exemplary Service Recognition by the Greater Newark Conservancy for his work as a Community Organizer. In 2014, he was awarded the Newark NAACP Environmental Justice Honoree, and received a 2016 Community Service Award presented by the Northeast Earth Coalition. He is also founder of the community-driven, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc.

Jacqueleen Bido, Assistant to Managing Director

Newark SAS Board

S. Aisha Steplight Johnson, Ph.D.
Dean of Liberal Arts, Essex County College

Professor Jennifer Wager
Coordinator, New Media Technology and Digital Media & Electronic Publishing programs, Essex County College

Marieliz Monclova
Certified Holistic Health Coach

Legal Advisor

Wendy L. Prager, Esq.
Managing Partner & Counsel, Bridge Mountain Partners

Collaborating Professionals

Damian Decaires
Electrical Engineer & Solar Technician, GridLink Systems, LLC

Charlene Messer
Health Conscious Cook & Founder of Elegant Bouquet Kitchen (EBK)

Maggie Brown
Visual Artist & Art Educator

Carissa Borraggine
Owner, Harvest Table Eatery

Chimaobi Ibeh
Scientist & Chemical Engineer